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Education is not only about increasing someone’s knowledge, but a way of creating possibilities for someone to truly live his or her life. In an ever-developing world where the majority strive for the betterment of society, the fact that some are denied the tool of education is inexcusable. We cannot aim to end poverty without recognising the power functional illiteracy has to destabilise our best efforts.

An education ensures that every child has a shot at a better future. It offers them the opportunity to develop their capabilities in the hope of eventually living freely and independently. Meet ‘The Social Project’, a non-profit company from Cape Town which distinctly recognises these challenges and has found creative ways to create better outcomes. Founded in 2015, The Social Project utilises EdTech to carry out its fundamental goal of connecting, equipping and empowering Southern Africans. Their two projects, ‘School in a Box’, and ‘Imbeko’ are garnering success and here at Regency, we want to share and celebrate their story.

In South Africa alone there are distinct disparities among the youth, with some individuals receiving a first-class education, while those in rural and poorer areas have an average throughput rate of less than 30%. It is no wonder that the unemployment rate among the South African youth is alarmingly high at 38.2%. Regardless of any child’s situation in life, they deserve the same quality education as the next child.

‘School in a Box’ stands as an innovative and unique tablet-based programme which directly targets to the rural-urban inequalities that remain ever-present within South Africa. The tablet comes entirely prepared with the maths, science and English syllabus for all grades – eradicating the need for an educator, with a facilitator able to conduct classes. The solution functions entirely offline, and over 50 “Schools in a Box” are now in use across the country, in after-school centres, low fee private schools and churches.

Moreover, they recently launched Imbeko – a language programme designed to connect those eager to learn an African language with tutors who can readily teach them, either face-to-face or online. Despite only launching in February of this year, Imbeko has undergone great success with over 20 groups across South Africa.

If the youth are given the opportunity to harness the power of education, they are considerably more likely to remain engaged, and consider a world outside their present environment. The Social Project has managed to consider the various barriers that stand before those unable to gain an education, and bridge a gap. They have taken the smart world that we are fortunate enough to live in and adapt it innovatively and admirably to provide more of the youth with an education – something that they desperately deserve.

Regency Global are redefining the national conversation in the wake of time sensitive, political renewal. Our current project, SA INC., is a ten-part series which tells the story of South African brands who play a role in the success of South Africa and have taken up the challenge of being business and thought-leaders who wish to catalyse the momentum created by our refreshed political leadership. We are changing the narrative to showcase the extent to which South Africa is prospering. 

Please follow this link to read more about the inspiring work that ‘The Social Project’ are doing:

By Kitty Ive | Research Coordinator at Regency Global

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