Featuring some of South Africa’s most inclusive corporations, whose evident commitment is driving social transformation and economic growth, this exclusive 10 part series explores the interventions and partnerships that are powering sustainable and shared value creation.

Shared through the human experience of a range of stakeholders, the programming reflects on positive, win-win, replicable and scalable initiatives that are aligned to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

SA Inc. is a collection of stories documenting examples of innovative, inclusive business-led development across the country.


Our new govt. is committed to shifting the role of the state and delivering social and economic upliftment for our people. Working together with the private sector, we believe this is possible. Sharing these powerful stories provides the opportunity for distributing the message far and wide, scaling the speed and impact of this new SA narrative.

69% of South Africans believe that fake news is a problem and their trust has been eroded in the media. Business confidence however has improved. 77% of respondents believe that CEO’s should take the lead on change rather than wait for govt.

In the wake of our recent past we have seen the perception of mistrust towards govt. and the private sector deepen. At this pivotal time in our history, it’s imperative that we start to create a new narrative about SA and its people.

Communicating authentic stories of positive transformation is essential to engage with stakeholders across the board about what is happening and what can be achieved. To create momentum in a positive direction and help to contribute to broadening a virtuous cycle of inclusive growth in our country.

We are sharing the stories of change-makers across all sectors of the economy to inspire, educate and motivate for widespread positive change. Stories are how we communicate – they drive our emotions and reside in our memories.

PURPOSE Is fast becoming the guiding pillar for organisations who understand what is required to remain relevant in the long term to customers, clients, employees, investors and stakeholders across the board. Stories that embody this purposeful approach are fundamental to retaining this relevance to building trust, communicating shared value and growing sustainably into the future.

We are redefining the national conversation in the wake of time sensitive political renewal; linking transformative business to the life-defining mega-trends that are shaping global conversation.



  • Be part of creating an invigorated South African narrative
  • Position your brand as part of this inclusive renaissance to deliver powerful reputation equity
  • Enjoy huge audience reach and brand exposure with relevant, engaging content
  • Seize the opportunity to have your story crafted by the masters of purpose-driven story telling
  • Educate, inspire and motivate the case for inspired leadership, employee-led collaboration and ambitious goals to drive innovation for social, economic and environmental sustainability
  • Engage stakeholders across the board to build trust and value based relationships
  • Communicate and create awareness of who your stakeholders are and how they connect to your brand
  • Communicate the approach and commitment to long term value creation for shareholders and society


“We must act now – boldly, decisively and collectively – to change the trajectory of our economy and our country.

There is a need for a decisive new approach. We need a New Deal for South Africa.

A New Deal for Jobs, Growth and Transformation that will turn the economy around and build a more equal society.

This New Deal will and must bring together government, business, labour and civil society in a meaningful and effective social compact to construct a prosperous, just society founded on opportunities for all.”


Stories have the power to change the way we think, feel and act. The stories of innovative, disruptive and transformative business need to be told.