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Because inclusive growth, corporate responsibility and purpose-led business are the fundamental pillars of Regency Global, we thought we’d ask those who work with us what motivates them to be a part of the Regency team:

“As a young filmmaker, I’ve always been a strong believer in the power the media has and the responsibility the creative industry has to it.

I’ve been an intern at Regency Global for nearly nine months and I have found that Regency Global is a place where passion meets philanthropy.

The ‘SA Inc’ series speaks to the importance of collaborative initiatives from both government and private corporations to level the playing field for the previously disadvantaged demographic of South Africa who are still faced with the historical repercussions of our past.

As a young female of colour, there is no better feeling than being part of a transformative initiative that is driving change while using my passion to evoke a paradigm shift in thinking.

This organisation has not only built me as a filmmaker and equipped me with many skills but it has also allowed every individual who works here a platform to create a sustainable change, one episode at a time.”

– Daniella Morley
2018 Film Intern

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