Athenkosi Nzala is a hero around the Cape Town townships; giving compassion and support to learners who need it the most.

A blazing fire has swept through Khayelitsha again. Hundreds of homes have burnt to the ground, and thousands are now homeless. Having just begun their end-of-year exams, pupils are left at a loss, as uniforms, books, and study notes turn to ash. With their futures on the line, Athenkosi Nzala is stepping in to make sure learners can still excel. “Young students need help now more than ever,” he says.

When the fires ravaged Khayelitsha, he recognised the urgency of writing the exams, as many students don’t have the means to repeat their final year. As students sit to write their final papers, Nzala’s dedication is guiding them towards a brighter tomorrow. We can all take a page out of his textbook.


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