There is no doubt that renewable energy is the future for Africa. Already, several countries on the continent have taken the lead in promoting investment in renewable energy, which over time will become a significant source of power to both households and businesses.

One of the key factors contributing to more extensive use of renewable energy power in Africa is the substantial reduction in cost. Recent competitive bidding for PV and wind power has yielded tariffs below US5c/kwh, which is substantially lower than any other form of power. Recent research also shows that it is now possible to provide steady baseload power from a combination of gas and renewable energy sources at tariffs much more competitive compared to for example coal and nuclear power.

The African continent is therefore in a unique position to leapfrog more developed nations by investing in cleaner, more environmentally friendly sources of power at lower cost, which should go some way to address affordability concerns.

The falling cost of battery storage in combination with solar PV could also be the game-changer in the energy world as this would allow for dispatchable power as needed at an affordable cost, in time.

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